Unlock clear and radiant skin with proven tips for effective acne skincare. Achieve a healthy complexion today.

Clear and Radiant Skin: Proven Tips for Effective Acne Skincare

Acne isn’t easy to treat, but skin care strategies can certainly help. Here are key guidelines that actually work.

Cleansing Gently and Wisely

Skin care starts with our daily cleansing habits. Above all, we need to be gentle. If we scrub the skin, we can really hurt it. Acne skin, for instance, is far more vulnerable to injury than normal skin. Over clean the skin, and we cannot only strip away natural oils that help protect the skin but also irritate it badly. Use soaps and cleansers harshly, and the skin will react by making even more oil. And then… bacteria will invade. A rule of thumb is to avoid products that offer greater cleansing strength but compromise on skin friendliness. It’s a lose-lose deal.

Synthetic detergents are one of the biggest culprits; sulphates, though they get the skin squeaky clean, are notoriously harsh on skin. ‘No-poo’, then, means steering clear of shampoos with sulphates (otherwise known as sodium laureth sulphate). Find those ingredients in the ingredients list of any shampoo, like Pantene Pro-V clarifying shampoo (on the left below), or one that’s free of sulphates such as Herbal Essences clearly clean pure aloe green apple (on the right). While sulphate-free shampoos are often considered to be better for the skin, they can work on occasion for people with acne only if a sulphate-based shampoo causes pain. Natural approaches to skin cleansing, on the other hand, can actually be very nourishing for the skin.

Light exfoliation for oily or acne-prone skin

Basic hygiene means washing your face, but over-cleansing and stripping can backfire. Use very mild cleansers, and gently remove them with your hands.

Seek expert advice on cleansers

Consult a medical professional who can recommend a cleanser that will suit your skin type. Learn which cleanser you should use and get more recommendations to improve your acne skin care routine.

After a workout, cleanse your skin to ward off a breakout. Wash your face from the jaw line to the hairline, nothing more, and don’t use an abrasive scrub. Rinse thoroughly.


Oily skin: Apply an astringent and toner liberally (but only to oily places) to reduce oiliness. Occasional use for oily skin only, to avoid over-drying.


Oily Skin: Use liquid or lotion products that are water-based and non-obstructive.

Dry Skin: Use lotion or cream formulas that are oil-based and non-obstructive.

Maintain Hair Hygiene

For clear skin to be the end result, long hair must remain clean with simple hair care. Routinely shampooing oily hair or, perhaps, everyday shampooing oily hair can help in treating acne.

Hands Off for Clear Complexion

Keep your hands off your blemishes – popping pimples can lead to scarring but making any contact with a pustule can damage your skin. Leave it alone!

How to Shave as a Man for Men with Acne

Men suffering from acne may want to try electric and safety razors for comfort. For safety razors, use a fresh blade and soften facial hair and shave cream. Try to shave as little as possible and only when required to prevent worsening the bumps.

Sun exposure and acne

While your tan might hide zits for a couple of days, it should never be considered part of your acne skin care regimen. Protect your skin from harmful rays and you will slow down the ageing process.

Considered Cosmetics Choice

Opt for oil-free cosmetics to go with your acne skin-care regimen. When you’re in the initial treatment phases, you might not want to put foundation on simply because of the redness or flakiness. Be patient.

Good acne skin care works because not only does it provide your skin with the best opportunity to return to its natural lustre and beauty, it also provides you, the reader, with important information and understanding about your skin. On the one hand, dealing with your acne skin care regime is less onerous if you know what to look out for, what approach to take, and what results promise that you are doing something positive for your skin. On the other hand, the most seamless image of your skin is when it is viewed by someone else, so you retain the option of a frustratingly shallow perspective of your skin’s beauty.

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Questions and answers:

What's the first step in a successful acne skin care routine?

Keep it gentle. You don’t need to be rough in your cleansing or use heavy-duty cleansers to keep your skin happy.

How often should I cleanse my skin if I have acne?

Make sure you have a twice daily cleansing skin care ritual morning and night to keep your skin healthy.

Are astringents suitable for all skin types with acne?

Astringents are best for very oily skin. Use astringents very sparingly on oily areas, because too much astringent can dry the skin too much.

Can I prevent acne by washing my face after exercising?

After intense exercise, wash your face and remove the sweat and the grime beneath the skin that clogs your pores, thereby preventing outbursts.

How can I avoid scarring from acne blemishes?

Don’t pick, squeeze or rub over blemishes – it can create scarring. You have a very good chance of getting through, with the only risk to your smooth, scar-free skin being a gentle hand.

Can the sun improve acne-prone skin?

While a tan conceals blemishes, there is no excuse to use the sun in place of proper acne skin care. The damage to the skin from sun exposure gradually exacerbates acne.

Note: Skin types and situations are different. Please consult with a dermatoloist for personalized care for your acne skin care.